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The Group  of Secondary Schools of the name of Franciszek Ratajczak ( Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych im. Franciszka Ratajczaka) in Kościan consists of  technical schools, basic vocational schools and  general secondary schools.

The school’s offer includes:

Ø  Four – year technical schools for:

·  economists,

·  builders,

·  surveyors,

·  mechanics,

·  oil industry workers,

·   electricians,

·   advertising specialists,

Ø  Three – year basic vocational schools for:

·   cooks,

·   bakers,

·   electricians,

·   hairdressers,

·   carpenters,

·   locksmiths,

·   car mechanics,

·   shop assisstants,

·   plumbers and pipe fitters,

Ø  Three-year general secondary school:

·   pro-health and fitness profile,

·   office and administrative profile,

 Ø  Three-year general secondary school for adults

 The school’s motto is „Into a better future with a better job”. About 850 students aged 16 - 20  attend the school to be taught by about 80 teachers. The teaching staff  works  in such a way that students treat learning as a valuable gift not only a duty. We cooperate with a lot of  companies and enterprises which support the school in the process of  education  and vocational training.

The school also offers its students:

·  participation in European projects connected with Erasmus + Program, eTwinning and a lot of others,

·  possibilities of  vocational trainings abroad,

·  numerous competitions and sports tournaments,

·  extra-curricular activities ( e.g. aerobics, discussion club),

·  voluntary service,

·  interesting activities in the field of entrepreneurship delivering a lot of knowledge of contemporary business,

·  professional preparation for taking efficient measures on the labour market,

·  modern and developing didactic base.

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